At Twisted Fringe, we’re committed to crafting the highest quality Tape Extensions possible, made from the most sought-after Remy human hair on the market. We ensure that our extensions remain pure. Each pack of hair is naturally treated and 100% free of harsh chemical exposure and manipulation.

Twisted Fringe quality isn’t only evident in our hair extensions, it’s evident in our processes. It’s more than just what we offer, it’s how we make them.


Each bundle of hair is hand-picked for its quality and usability. We never settle for anything less than excellent when selecting Remy hair.

The Twisted Fringe process is unique because we don’t use any machines on our hair. Instead, our hair extension experts meticulously sort, brush, and wash the hair by hand, carefully guiding each bundle through its precise conditioning and coloring process.

Our hair undergoes an unparalleled process to prepare it for use. Its color is gently lifted before it is transformed into one of our 20 radiant natural shades. We don’t rush the coloring process—it takes about two weeks, and after the extensions have reached their perfect shade, they are infused with a conditioning treatment to moisturize the hair and protect it from bleeding and fading.

No acid baths, no conveyor belts, no mixing vats, and no bleaches. Just simple, natural, Remy human hair treated with natural ingredients.


Throughout each step of our two week preparation process, our experts examine the quality of the hair. It is through constant testing that we can ensure maximum quality. That’s why stylists trust Twisted Fringe.

We guarantee that our hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair. Remy means the hair’s cuticle is still intact and facing the same direction as it was when it was cut. This reduces tangling and matting, allowing the hair to be styled easily.

We’ve spent years perfecting our hair extensions because we’re committed to offering the purest, most natural Remy extensions available.


Twisted Fringe offers 20 radiant shades of all natural, 100% Remy human hair Tape Extensions.
Start exploring the possibilities and find the color that’s perfect for you. Our colors are numbered for easy identification and reordering.

For the most accurate match, see our hair colors in real life by viewing a Color Swatch Ring in a local store.


Transformations using Twisted Fringe Tape Hair Extensions are made possible by skilled, talented people who are excellent at their craft. From the dedicated women who sell their precious hair to the creative stylists who install the extensions, Tape Hair Extensions are our passion and we love working together to help women feel beautiful.

Our hair comes from real women with real stories who lovingly care for their hair for years without dyeing or subjecting it to chemical treatments. On average, hair grows ½” per month, which means that 18 inches of hair can take about three years to grow! These incredible women know that their well-kept hair is prized and valued for its great quality.

Hair stylists who purchase Tape Extensions from Twisted Fringe are skilled, talented, and highly trained. Because we offer hair through professional distribution, we can ensure our products are being used only by other experienced professionals. These professionals are the ones taking our Tape Extensions and creating unbelievable hair transformations.

Our passion for hair extensions and the women who wear them motivates everything we do. Let us know how we can help you along your hair extension journey. We pride ourselves in offering helpful customer service and world-class hair extension education.


We’re happy to assist you in any way we can.

Twisted Fringe representatives are available Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST. You can reach us at 1 888 737-0233.

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